About us

KATE GELFAND INTERIOR DESIGN is a full-service interior design firm known for creating spaces that celebrate craftsmanship, beauty, and a sense of place. Founded in 2014 by Katie Gelfand and located in downtown Greenwich, CT, KGID combines a deep passion for classic design and an insatiable craving for the new to create timeless, unique spaces that seamlessly blend tradition and innovation.

KGID offers a wide range of services, including ground-up construction, renovation, interior decoration and furniture planning. We collaborate with a host of talented professionals to ensure that each element of the design is fully realized to the client’s satisfaction with the finest materials.

Katie and her designs have been featured in Greenwich Lifestyle magazine, New England Home CT and was named a top ten designer by Design and Decor Magazine in 2020.


Katie began studying art and design at a young age, which ultimately led her to a Masters program in Interior Architecture at The George Washington University. The technical skills learned there strengthened her comprehensive and technical approach to design. Her time spent living in Florence, Italy, throughout California, and Connecticut, and extensive travel throughout Europe and Asia, exposed her to varying notions of art, decoration and design. Thus influencing her ability to provide custom solutions and styling to suit a range of traditional and modern styles. It is this unique blend of higher education and project management experience for 15 years, which distinguishes Katie as a designer with a meticulous eye and an ability to capture and enhance any client’s desires, with style and grace.

50 Greenwich Avenue, 2nd Floor
Greenwich, CT | 203-485-0413

As Head of Operations at KGID, Lana wears many hats.  She spends most of her days behind the scenes coordinating the many intricate facets of each project.  She manages vendor relations and all of the processes related to procurement, which are both essential to making our designs come to life.  Prior to joining Kate Gelfand Interior Design, Lana spent over 15 years working for some of the world’s top luxury clothing brands. Lana’s love of fashion has made the transition into interior design a smooth one. Her keen eye, inherent sense of high style and design, and love for the process has made her a key figure at KGID.

Prior to joining Kate Gelfand Interior Design, Gioia spent 4 years in Rome, Italy, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the American University of Rome. Traveling through Europe sparked her appreciation for architecture and design. After graduating, Gioia enrolled in an intensive AutoCAD certificate program where she acquired many of the skills she uses at KGID.